Nicola Cassells – Somewhere in Time Video and Photo Shoot

Nicola Cassells asked me to assist with her university project which would involve a creation of a music video and and its production and final release. this would also involve creating some new images for her promotional website and social media.

Photography Credit : Martin Bone

The song “Somewhere in Time”  a single that Sandi Thom wrote for her . Nicola has used the song alongside a story  about children evacuation from Glasgow during the World War 2. This is a university project .









I had forgotten a plate for my tripod and had to use tie wraps to secure my camera onto the tripod which wasn’t the best but got through the day. The video and images were shot at the beautiful Kelburn Castle Estate in Largs , Ayrshire, Scotland

I would like to share with you some of the images I shot and some images taken from the video itself.

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Nicola as part of her University Project interviewed her Gran about her time as a child evacuee during world war 2. I had the pleasure of meeting her grandparents and we completed this with a video interview. see below